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European manufacturer
of aluminium ladders
for more than 50 years
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Project based production
- pharmaceutical transport packaging
- aluminium boxes for military and police use
- waterproof boxes for oil platform use

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Single ladder type 35

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Double extension ladder type 37 rope operated

The length of this extension ladder can be adjusted. Due to the tow rope and a pulley, users can easily prolong the ladder also in the upright position. High quality aluminium tubes together with non-slip plastic feet caps and strong galvanized steel connection ensure high level of safety.

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Triple multi-purpose ladder type 38

Five ladders in one. This three-part multi-purpose ladder offers great variety of options for professional and more demanding DIY use.

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Two-sided household step ladder type 33 (EN131)

Two sided household step ladder type 33 is intended for home use. Light and practical as it is almost entirely made of aluminium. Non-slip 8 cm wide steps on both sides contribute to comfort and safety. The top two steps form a platform that is ideal for placing objects while working. Also suitable as a painting ladder.

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C Series

Firm boxes made of 1 mm thick aluminium sheets. Due to strong profiles, they offer safe storage and protection for delicate contents such as glass, delicate tools, photographic and electronic equipment. They are ideal for professional and industrial use.

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D Series

Intended for industrial use. These are robust transportation boxes made of 1 mm thick aluminium sheets, equipped with durable stacking corner pieces.

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21. 12. 2018

Cenjene stranke, Dear customers!

Obveščamo vas, da imamo 24.12. in 31.12.2018 kolektivni dopust.

We inform you that we have 24.12. and 31.12.2018 collective holidays.


28. 11. 2018

Cenjeni kupci!

Da bosta božič in novo leto na pravem nivoju, smo za vas pripravili akcijo Alpos hišnih lestev.
Alpos hišne lestve so idealen pripomoček pri vsakdanjih opravilih ter okraševanju vašega doma.

Za naročila in podrobnejši opis, obiščite našo spletno trgovino.


19. 01. 2018

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